Websites on Lean

notebook-153012_640I’ve written two previous posts on website on Lean, including a post on academic resources, and a post describing the excellent NHS Scotland QI hub.

Since then, I have come across other useful websites, and I will list a few here. The striking thing about typing Lean Healthcare in to a search engine is that the great majority of the top hits are from sites trying to sell you something. Wading through courses on different continents takes a while, so let me bring a few to your attention.

The University of Huddersfield has a useful website describing a Lean health care project, focusing on single points of access for mental health services. The site includes links to conference presentations and papers, and videos describing the project.

I missed the Australasian Lean Healthcare Network in my previous round ups. There is very little content on this site, but it does include details of an annual Australian conference, so it could be of interest to people working in the area.

I’ve mentioned the US Government Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality before. They have produced a fascinating report on Lean implementation in health care settings, including a number of case examples. The full text is available on line at their website.

I did not list the Virginia Mason Institute website in either of my previous website posts, because it included mainly material on their courses, rather than on Lean in general. There is now a Virginia Mason Medical Centre Blog, however, and it has interesting case examples and discussions, and is well worth a look.

The University of Warwick helpfully make their PhDs available on line. Nicola Burgess’ PhD on Lean in the health service in England is available in full text, as an 11Mb .pdf download.  The thesis looks at Lean implementation through an academic lens. Burgess produces a set of propositions around the use of Lean in health care that are potentially valuable for people thinking about implementing Lean in their organisations. I will write a blog post on her work when time permits.

If you know of any sites I should list, please let me know, and I will try to include them in a future round up.

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