Most Read Posts During 2015

Traffic has doubled on the blog in each of the last two years, from a baseline of 2013.  Previously, you could read blog posts in full from the home page. As the number of posts increased, I decided to move to a different layout that made it easier to see previous topics, and which also highlighted the current post.

This means that, before the restucturing, it is more difficult to know what individual posts people read. Since I changed the layout in mid-2015, the five most read posts have been:

What’s in an RPIW Report Out?

What is takt time?

What happens in an RPIW?

3S? 5S? 7S or more?

Learning about 5S

These deal with either one way of focusing Lean work – a Rapid Process Improvement Workshop – or fundamental Lean techniques or ideas (5S and takt time). The blog posts that try to think through a concept, or discuss a topical issue, attract fewer views.

This may be because much of the traffic comes from search engines, where people are likely to be searching for information on a particular topic. Most search engine terms are not available, but for those that were, the top terms that brought people to the site were ‘takt time in heathcare‘, ‘RPIW‘, ‘RPIW Lean‘, ‘RPIW process‘, ‘lean methodology in healthcare‘, and so on, again suggesting that people are looking for information. In a spirit of continous improvement, I will try to include more ‘how to‘ and definition posts in 2016.

In 2015, had visitors from 104 countries. The map below shows a screen shot of the geographical location of visitors in 2015 – the darker the colour, the higher the number of visitors.

Visitors 2015_002

The highest numbers are from the UK, the USA, Brazil and Canada, followed by Italy, Hong Kong and India. Why Brazil? I don’t know – perhaps there is one person there who really likes it, or perhaps it is just a reflection of population size. If you are from Brazil, please do let me know.

At the other end of the spectrum, there were individual visitors from a number of countries, including Réunion, Martinique, Cambodia, Afghanistan, Senegal and Mongolia. I hope I will be able to attract them back in 2016.

My main aim, however, is to remember why I established the website in the first place. I wanted to create a UK health service presence on Lean, to encourage other people to look at the techniques and approach, and to decide if it might be useful for them. I wanted to make information available that avoided, as far as possible, Mark Graban’s LAME label (Lean as Misguidedly Executed).

I was a member of the founding cohort of the Q Initiative this year. One of the main things I took from the experience was that there are an enormous number of people working on quality improvement in health care. Some of them apply Lean, some don’t. Some of those who don’t, are interested in the potential use of Lean, and how it might mesh with their current approaches. The opportunity to spread learning on Lean is enormous.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to look at a post in 2015 – best wishes from me for 2016!


Illustration – screenshot from WordPress for 2015 visitors to, as at 28th December 2015.

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