Site Visits in 2016


Last year, I reviewed the use of the blog in 2015. I’d had a doubling of views compared to 2014. I was surprised to find the same kind of increase again in 2016. This must say something about the interest in the use of Lean in health and social care. Quite a few people blog on the topic now, and it might be of interest to anyone who has just begun, or who is considering starting out, to know what causes interest on this site.

Geographical Spread

WordPress recorded blog visitors from 102 countries. The highest numbers of visitors were from the US, the UK, and Canada. Brazil, Malaysia, Australia and Finland came next. The countries recording one solitary visitor included Sudan, Afghanistan, Yemen, Uganda, Ethiopia and Guyana. The number of items reviewed by each visitor has increased slightly.

Search Terms

Most people arrive via a search engine, with Google, Bing and Yahoo being the highest routes. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and also direct some people to the blog.

In many cases, the search terms can’t be seen. For those that can, the commonest searches were ‘RPIW’ or some close variant, ‘takt time in health care’, and ‘5S’.

Materials and Links

The most used links were to sites maintained by David Mann, and by Mark Graban; to BMJ Quality Improvement Reports, Virginia Mason, and to YouTube vidoes.


It is obvious that there is interest in the use of Lean in health and social care, and this blog is one of the many sites that helps to provide information on the topic. Most of the searches, as far as I can see, are on factual questions, rather than on theory. There were fewer searches this year on ‘criticisms of Lean’, for example.

I did a makeover on the site last year, and that corresponded to an increase in hits – although Mark Graban also tweeted a link on Twitter at around the same time, which brought a lot of visitors, so that will have contributed to the numbers as well.

My intention is to continue on the same lines, with a focus on descriptions of methods and approaches, and more links out to other sites, as that seems to be well used.

Best wishes for 2017!

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