Lean Health Services is maintained by Cameron Stark. Cameron is a Scottish Public Health doctor who spends part of his week working with teams on health and social care quality improvement.

The Lean Health blog deals with any aspect of Lean, but has a particular focus on its use in health and social care services. Posts are by Cameron Stark unless otherwise indicated.

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  1. Dear Dr. Stark,

    As a proud son of Scotland, I was truly grateful to read your shout-out to our lean work on shellfish restoration in your most recent blog post [“Washington State Government Lean Materials”). I agree that the lessons of our work are transferable across industries and disciplines; after all, systems are systems, and good problem-solving methodology should work no matter what the problem. As the lean consultant on the shellfish project, I myself had no prior experience in the shellfish industry, but simply used lean techniques (some of which I’d learned from health care!) to help the experts re-think their approaches, with great results.

    I’m glad that that universality came through, and that you found our work useful for supporting the important work you are doing there.

    If you ever want to see our work firsthand, or visit the lean healthcare leaders at Virginia Mason and Seattle Children’s, let me know — we would be happy to host you. And if you could use some outside lean consulting in the highlands, let me know! My grandmother was born in Cowdenbeath, and never lost her accent. I’ve only visited, but it was enough that my heart will always be somewhere along the roads between Embra and Skye.

    –Stew Henderson
    Olympia, Washington, USA

    • Stew, thank you for your thoughtful and helpful comments. We do have people in Seattle from time to time, so if anyone is visiting, I’ll certainly let you know. And let me reciprocate the invitation – if you visit Scotland, let me know if you are in Inverness – I’d love to talk shop.

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